SacLegal welcomes lawyers, law and legislative professionals, and local law students to become members.

How to join SacLegal:

Join online by clicking on one of the Membership Levels and pay through our secure, encrypted payment processors. Or, fill out a PDF application and pay by check.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who can be a member of SacLegal?

SacLegal is open to lawyers, legal professionals, community members, and other allies supporting diversity in the legal community. Member benefits include discounts on tickets to SacLegal events, access to our Member Directory, inclusion on our Sustaining Members listing, direct access to continuing legal education, and numerous opportunities to engage and network both professionally and socially.

Attorney members must be in good standing with the California State Bar, the Bar of any other state or the District of Columbia, or teaching full-time at a law school accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) or the State of California. 

Student members must be enrolled and in good standing at a law school accredited by the ABA or the State of California. 

Honorary members are those selected by the Board of Directors who have rendered distinguished service to the profession, to the organization, or to the cause of justice. All members of the judiciary in Sacramento County are invited to join as Honorary Members. 

2. How much does membership cost?

Below is the schedule of annual membership dues:

  • Sustaining Member ($100)
  • Attorney (2+ years) ($50)
  • Attorney (0-2 years) ($20)
  • Non-Attorney Professional ($40)
  • Honorary/Judicial (Free)
  • Student (Free)

Monthly and Annual auto-renewing memberships are also available (online only), which charge your credit card every month/year and automatically renew membership at either a regular or Sustaining Member level:

  • Monthly Renewing Member ($5 per month)
  • Monthly Renewing Sustaining Member ($12 per month)


3. How long does membership last?

Paid memberships last for the duration of the calendar year in which your dues payment is received, expiring on December 31. For dues paid on or after December 1, membership benefits are typically extended through the next calendar year.


4. What is SacLegal's privacy policy?

The Board shall maintain a membership list in a manner that gives each member the option to declare that his or her name be kept confidential. No member's name shall be loaned, sold, traded or otherwise made available to any individual or organization without approval of the Board. If the member has opted for confidential membership, then the member's name, address, and phone number will not be shared with other members of the organization, or with the Sacramento County Bar, without the member's consent.